Send Nudes Art Exhibit

Soooo… I’m casually scrolling down my Instagram Feed and I see content for Johnathon “Johnavich” Foster’s Send Nudes Art Exhibit. I instantly commented to figure out how to attend. John let me know about a link on his Instagram profile, which takes you to Eventbrite for all the details and RSVPing. He also does paint parties and different galleries, so if you’re looking for art events, he’s a good reference.

On a cold, wet Friday night I struggled to find parking on the outskirts of Deep Ellum near For the Culture Studios- John’s studio and space for the exhibit. I invited a few friends and we were enticed as soon as we walked through the door! Hang along the walls of the studio were art pieces. Each piece depicted women in their naked sexuality. That’s right… titties, breasts, vaginas, thighs, smalls of backs and bare skin were all around. This exhibit was about celebrating the skin you’re in; the nude human figure. The exhibit showed an introspective look at the human figure from a contemporary perspective. It will feature artist from all over the country like Kylie Lost, Terrell Weathersby, Trey Wilder, Victoria Holmes, Carol Devreaux, Scott Williams, Raquel Hynson and Joe Thomas.

Victoria Holmes was in charge of the complimentary drinks and food. She served sangria, whiskey tea and hunch punch. Along side elotes with shredded pork and chicken. Absolutely delicious!

I could write more buuuuuuuuutttt… I sat down with John after the exhibit to get a deeper understanding of the man behind the art and the exhibit itself. We met at Mokah Coffee & Tea to do a one-on-one interview. I’ve given you all the liberty of an unedited interview. I found out what got him started, his first piece, his first gallery, inspirations/influences and people who have helped him through his journey in Dallas. Check out the audio clip below. Beware, John had an opportunity to freestyle while I was tending to my cup of coffee.

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