Psychedelic Robot

Walking into an outside dining area, located in the heart of Crescent Complex, I saw rows and rows of string lights hanging above me. Reminiscent of a starry-night sky, the mood instantly becomes romantic. I see an awesome place for a date night. But the area around the patio was busy too. I kept walking down the circular setting to view the retail shops, banks, spa and fitness center and restaurants like Nobu’s kitchen, which had a delectable aroma infiltrating the air. I, DeQuilla Gennay, certainly couldn’t be getting ready to see a creative and artistic museum. I snapped back in to reality and spotted a strip that leads you down to Hotel Crescent Court (please go inside and marvel at it’s beauty). I absolutely went inside the hotel before *slaps head. On my way there, I did see this strange carnival looking booth, but my eyes were fascinated with the plants outside the hotel. So, if you choose to skip the shaggy, papered carnival booth that looks misplaced, I wouldn’t judge you. Live yo best life. However, there is what appears to be a carnival booth! An attendant, or two, might be around to help in case you’re unsure. You’ve made it to Psychedelic Robot (PR) and you’ll know your experience has started! 

You begin walking down a hallway filled with portraits hanging on the wall. Then the rooms switch to a superhero cartoon-esque area, another with metal butterfly wings glowing from fuchsia lights shining on them, floating planks lined in multiple colors in the next section you step in, a spray paint room, a pink piano in the lobby that’s not fully functional, an awesome red sheer curtain area that makes for a very sultry scene plus more. Each section has it’s own distinctive feel and use of art techniques and forms like pop culture, contemporary, bold colors, abstract, murals, photography and conceptual pieces are all here. My favorite piece was the Tree of Random Thoughts (I don’t know if that’s really the name, but it totally fits)! Limb after the limb, the leaves of this wordy tree belong to the person before you, who decided to leave their 2 cents behind. I think the tree stuck with me because everyone has the opportunity to interact with this piece. There are small postcards with glitter on one side and blank on the other. Pens to write and chenille stems to hang your written thought up.

Along with your purchased ticket, you also get a free drink ticket to get yo’ drank on! This leads us up the stairs to the bar and, where you can find some more of the art I mentioned earlier. Sparkling Ice teamed up with PR to get the drinks popping, but I opted for an ice cold Stella Artois.

PR is an immersive, interactive pop-up museum, based on custom art exhibitions. Created by internationally-recognized, celebrity artists- JoJo Anavim, Color Condition, IZK, LeCash and more. It’s unlike any art museum I’ve visited. Unfortunately, this particular installment is over, but a cute photo from instagram told me about a reboot coming in mid December *looking eyes*

Photos are encouraged. All ages welcome. Complimentary valet parking is available at Sixty Vines and Capital Grille valet stations. Underground self-parking can be validated at the door.

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