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  • Gumbo Collard Greens

    Gumbo Collard Greens

    So if you love gumbo and greens, you have to try this! If we cut right to the chase, you are simply removing the okra in a traditional gumbo recipe and adding your choice of greens! I prefer collard greens, but you can use several options I outlined in the ingredients section. Be sure to…

  • Seafood Pot Pie 🥧

    Seafood Pot Pie 🥧

    This homemade seafood pot pie is comforting, delish and perfect. It has a homemade flaky pie crust and is loaded with juicy shrimp and crab in gravy and vegetables. If you’ve never tried a homemade savory pot pie, this will impress everyone.  Ingredients Instructions Recipe Notes *I used leftover seafood from a boil I got…

  • veggie gravy 🤤

    veggie gravy 🤤

    Ingredients: 1 red bell pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO – like my girl, Rachel Ray says) 1 green bell pepper 2 jalapenos (with or without the seeds based on your spice preference; for this recipe I took the seeds out of both) 1 garlic head (cloves only) half a medium-sized yellow onion 1 package…

  • Blackened Garlic Butter Steelhead Trout (All in da oven)

    Blackened Garlic Butter Steelhead Trout (All in da oven)

    Simple steelhead trout recipe baked in a glass pan with onions, garlic, lemon, butter, and herbs. 1 pound steelhead trout filet, skin on 2 small or medium yellow onions 1 stick of butter 1/2 a lemon, juice squeezed 1–2 cloves garlic, minced 3 teaspoon parsley, minced 3 teaspoons of Mrs. dash 3 teaspoons of old…

  • starbucks secret menu: mango dragonfruit slush

    starbucks secret menu: mango dragonfruit slush

    I went in to one of my all time favorite coffee shops, Starbucks, to order a completely different drink and ended up crafting my own. It’s perfect for this extremely humid and awfully hot ass Texas Summer. Make sure you read to the end to see how I revamped the drink after it melted! Here’s…

  • Unusual banana puddin’ 🍌

    Unusual banana puddin’ 🍌

    Soooooo, here’s the deal. I’m not really a fan of cool whip *Stewie Griffin voice*. So I took it out of this recipe altogether! Bye 👋🏼 Next is my issue with the bananas. They get slimy and mushy the longer the sit covered in all that pudding and just, ugh! My mom always says that…

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