code name: “Dumbo” my elephant ear

On my #plantmom #plantmama journey, I’ve learned that listening to other plant moms isn’t always going to work for your plants. I have learned quite a bit from Pinterest and I’ve picked up some tips and tricks from #plantmoms but I find that time is the expert when it comes to growing healthy plants.


Dumbo, my elephant ear, started off with six leaves! Three were frail and dying. I struggled to keep two healthy leaves while I watched my third leaf die time and time again. I heard, “your bulb (or corm- where the plant grows from) will only support three leaves.” Blah, blah, blah. Naturally, that’s just a sign to re-pot. So I pulled up to Target and bought the Self Watering Planter- Room Essentials. It’s so lightweight, but what I love most about it is the planter has a built-in tray to retain water and a small port for easy watering with a hose or a narrow-spout watering can. The tray is also detachable!

Tip 1: watering from the bottom allows the plant to draw up water when needed, which reduces the need to water frequently.


After repotting, I started noticing more color vibrancy in all the leaves. I also added Bonide Liquid Plant Food to watering days, which leads me to the last and, I think, most critical growing factor for my plants… rainwater!

I like to sit Dumbo outside when it rains. Once the leaves have dried, I bring her in and check weekly to see if there’s still water in the bottom tray. She’s usually good for about 2 weeks.

Tip 2: rainwater is the best water for your plants. It has a ton of oxygen and micronutrients like nitrates, zinc, copper, and iron to name a few. It’s free of salts and slightly acidic- perfect for a healthy plant pH of 5.5-6.5.

Now my baby is growing her fifth leaf and not a droop in sight! These moments make me a proud plant mom! Do you have an elephant ear?

DYK: Did you know that rainwater can be stored? Pull up to your favorite home improvement store or online shopping site and search rain barrel. I’ve also found a cheaper alternative on Offer Up & Facebook Market Place. What did I do? Pulled an old cooler out of storage and set it outside. Leave the lid open while it’s raining and close it once it’s done. I prefer this way because a rain barrel will filter out organic material (pollen, bird pooh, etc.) that are also very good for your plants.

Until next time my fellow plant people! 🙂

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