A New Year Mingle Brunch

Since launching my blog, I’ve been thinking of ways to host events in 2019. So I came up with the brilliant idea to host a brunch event, A New Year Mingle Brunch. I hosted at Mexican Bar Company (MBC), located in The District of the Shops at Willow Bend. It’s a dining area with chef-driven restaurants- some featuring second-story terraces, an outdoor plaza and has included valet drop-off near the new mall entrance. And it’s exactly where you can find MBC. MBC offers the full scope of Mexican cuisine; handmade corn tortilla tacos, freshly prepared ceviches, guacamoles, salsas, and an exceptional selection of regional dishes. Fully complementing the Mexican menu, cocktails incorporate a comprehensive beverage selection from all regions of Mexico, Texas, and beyond. The open space mix of dining, lounge, bar, and a large patio has a casual contemporary meets urban look featuring vibrant original murals amplifying the festive atmosphere. And speaking of atmosphere, when you walk in there’s an inviting emerald green, bricked room with portraits of cute, cool skulls hanging on the wall. Definitely paying homage to El Dia de los Muertos. I stood looking at all of them before I realized I should be setting up my table and not gawking at skulls.

Once I got in, the hostess walked me over to my reserved dining area and I met my waitress, Alyssa, who was AMAZING. She was able to make recommendations and help me setup. She was all around a great server and we were happy to have her. Menus were laid out on the table and I placed my “Find the Guest” print outs from PlanPrintandParty on Etsy. If you’ve never played “Find the Guest”, Every guest gets a checklist where they have to find someone who has a certain characteristic and have to mingle to find another guest who fits each point on the checklist. I also bought apothecary jars and stuffed them with cash and good chocolates like Snickers, Hershey, and Butterfinger to play the guessing game. I wanted my attendees to be entertained with more than just conversation and good company.

Slowly, they rolled in and Alyssa quickly came and got drink orders taken. Most of the table stuck with mimosas and it seemed like the flavor preference was pineapple. I actually ordered the Pinadito which is made with tequila, guajillo syrup, pineapple and lime juice (replaced the tequila with rum). Can I just say, I drank it like juice, I hardly got pictures because it was gone once it landed on the table. Not to mention, the lovely team at MBC brought out guacamole- traditional, camote and granada + queso. Please don’t hate me when I say this, but since I had weight loss surgery the texture of avocados doesn’t sit well with me. However, for the sake of authenticity, the traditional had some heat to it, the pomegranates added a freshness that I loved to the granada and the camote was the table favorite. Made with tomatillo-pico de gallo, chipotle chile, sweet potato, cilantro and crispy sweet potato for garnish on top. It definitely housed a smokey flavor that was very much unexpected but super tasty. All served with fresh made in-house fried pork skins and chips- both cooked perfectly enough to eat without dipping in anything. Of course food was next! A few ladies ordered MBC burger that looked scrumptious. Another, the eggless caesar with chicken and I hate I didn’t ask for a bite because the presentation of that salad alone had me sold. The huevos al gusto was also ordered with chorizo and I have NEVER had chorizo like this. It wasn’t greasy like most of the chorizos I’ve had. In fact, it was very reminiscent of ground beef with a ton of flavor. I contemplated asking for a tortilla, scrambled eggs and potatoes to go ahead and live my best breakfast taco life buuuuuuut, my enchiladas made with corn tortillas, pulled chicken, creamy tomatillo salsa, Mexican cheese blend, avocado, crema and fried egg on top was all I needed. The chicken was juicy, tender and I absolutely loved the salsa with the addition of the crispy fried egg on top! This plates presentation won me over too! Lastly, a few ladies ordered the pan mexicano, which is Mexican French toast, cajeta, sweet potato and caramelized sweet potatoes for garnish. The cajeta really pulls all the flavors together and makes an outstanding French toast.

My guest raved about the setup of the restaurant, awesome food, and great drinks! I know I’ll definitely be back to give the awesome bar a test out and for more delicious food and great service.

Thanks for having us MBC!

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