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I’ve been natural since Feb 2016. My mom, who still loves the creamy crack, started getting my hair relaxed by the time I was 7. Super thick hair… like break-your-brush-or-comb, was hard on her hands and naturally, very time consuming. So she took her best option out. By the time I made it into 7th grade, I no longer wanted her to do my long beautiful tresses (20”-22”) and started doing sports. I had no business caring for my hair at that age. Ends began to split and damage occurred. I cut it off in a bob the following year and never kept it healthy enough to grow past my shoulders. In the almost 2 years of being natural, I’ve learned my hair is quite manageable and very thirsty. By the nape of my neck I’m a 3b and as you get to the crown it transitions to 3b through 4a. Then further to my edges, 3c, with low porosity. What does this mean? I’ve got a pretty decent curl pattern, thank God! 

I was pretty excited about the Be Kinky Workshop: How to get a Defined Twist Out. I knew I would try to do my own the night before so my attempt would be fresh on my mind for this workshop. Check out my flat twist. Products used: Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream, Aunt Jackie’s Don’t Shrink and Ecostyle Argan Oil Gel.

Adwoa beauty was created to empower and represent the modern woman with products that are non-toxic and naturally derived. They cater to beautiful multicultural curls that are often unrepresented. Julian, owner and creator of Adwoa, was the class instructor for the workshop. Her muse, Asia, was prepped with a half head twisted and the other side freshly washed and ready to twist. Julian began by telling us her best twist out method practices. She likes to work on wet hair, which will give you the best style and definition. She isn’t focused on perfect sections or replicating the same size of twists throughout the head. Every section she gets ready to twist, she makes sure that section is still wet. Then she takes product and saturates the hair and then begins to twist. Julian gave sooo many tips and tricks. Some I had never heard and others I was all to familiar with. She went over oils, borrowing (check this out in the video below), best ways to deep condition, high and low porosity, maintaining the twist out for days and so much more. The workshop was amazing and super informational. Vegan sandwiches and juice were brought in from Tribal All Day Cafe. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the Be Kinky Workshop series turns out!

I picked out the Adwoa baomint leave-in conditioning styler, which can be used alone or with any of their other products and comes with a screw on pump. Made with baobab + wintermint + spearmint oils. Baobab oils comes from a tree, whose scientific name is Adansonia, or “The Tree of Life”, and grows in Africa. They typically live for 500 years. The Adansonia tree harvests a fruit called Baobab, which is where the name Baobab Oil comes from. The oil is made by extracting the Baobab fruit’s seeds and cold pressing it until it produces the Baobab Oil. The leave-in conditioner (LIC) smells like mint heaven and I’m sure we can all imagine why. Usually, I equate mint with refreshing so when I inhale the conditioner I even feel refreshed plus other oils help the aroma like sweet almond, prickly pear, rosemary, lavender, pumpkin, and vanilla all reside in this creamy, dense LIC. I can’t wait to test out another twist out with this product.

And to all my naturals, your hair may not work with my methods or methods referenced in this blog. Some of the practices that another natural uses may not work best for your hair. Go through your journey learning your hair and what works best for it! 🙂

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