5k instagram giveaway 🥳 + blogmas day 1 🎄

I’m so excited to announce with you guys that I hit the 5,000 followers threshold on Instagram! In the influencer world, I might be doing a little 🤏🏽 somethin’!

I cannot say how thankful I am to all of you on this journey with me. Just a little Heinz sight, I started taking Instagram seriously in 2018. I had fallen in love with myself again after weight loss surgery and it seemed like more and more people were approaching me to ask me about what I might be wearing, my nails, makeup, and more. So I decided I’d start sending folks to Instagram, my source for all. It just so happened that at this time, I was wishing Yelp was being more vocal about becoming Yelp Elite and tips/tricks for the platform (go figure, they are just now developing how to search in Q4 2021). So, I started adding food to the mix since I’ve been food criticizing and doing food photography on that platform since 2014! With the addition of beauty, fashion, travel, family, and friends, we’ve made it here. I’ve rebranded to @dafoodiebaddie and you guys are loving it. I’m sending out newsletters, sharing events, content tips, travel tings, and my success with you all more often. I cannot wait to show you all the great and awesome opportunities God has in store for me in 2022!

So without further ado, this year I am participating in Blogmas. What’s blogmas? Blogmas is a fun excuse to post every day and create Christmas-related content for your readers. This usually consists of daily posts until Christmas.

So for my Day 1, I’m hosting an Instagram giveaway in honor of hitting 5k followers. Here’s what’s included:

Interested?! Click here to enter. Happy Blogmas and good luck y’all!

P.S. subscribe to my email list for 3 extra entries, below:

*retail value for the entire giveaway is $850. The winner is responsible for shipping and handling. Giveaway ONLY on Instagram. This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Instagram. See rules and details on my Instagram post.

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  1. jennychillo

    What a wonderful Christmas Giveaway thank you for the opportunity and you’re sweet kind contest . @jennychilo

    1. dequillagennay

      Jenny I have applied this to your social handle. 🙂 thanks for entering

  2. Shanks Tammy

    So through entering your giveaway I was able to see your post on Instagram and then I came over here because I used to have a block myself. Very interesting seeing your journey and congratulations on 5K followers.

    1. dequillagennay

      what did you used to do?
      also, thanks for your support! 🙂

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