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How to Create A Content Calendar


I’ve been working on doing some rebranding. I started by changing my social account names over to @dallasdequilla <— I wanted something a little easier to type, quick to come up in a search, and catchy! Shockingly enough, I got good feedback on the new name change 🙂

So my next step was to generate a content (or editorial) calendar. Starting with my favorite blogger community, Dallas Black Bloggers. Founder bae, Kayla, releases a content calendar every month! You can get the calendar HERE! I even asked some of my fellow blogger babes if they were using a calendar to content plan. Too much array, most of them were not. The Blogger Brunch also mentioned the same thing in her new podcast (currently obsessed with, eek! 🤓). Be sure to listen to her latest podcast here! You’re missing out if you haven’t gotten the juicy deets from Rhonda. She’s getting straight to the point on how to monetize, rebrand, start a blog, and more!

So I asked some of my fellow blogger babes these two questions:

  1. Do you find content planning beneficial for your brand?
  2. How long have you been content planning?

I can say that over half of the surveyors were not planning. This is okay because we are busy creating, but what if we put more thought and intention into our creations it’ll take our game to a whole new level. The remaining ladies DID find it beneficial and had been planning for months to years. And I could see the difference between the layout of their content versus mine. I set out to find a template for the initial requirements of my own calendar. I knew I wanted more than the usual “national days”. BTW, I’m excited about National Queso Day (9/20) and National Lobster Day (9/25) this month! I do want to include them but also cater to my niche and trying new content styles. I took to Pinterest and found Kayla of Ivory Mix. She wrote How To Create 30 Days of Instagram Content and it was just what I was looking for! Here are how she set up the first 6 days…

Be sure to read her blog if you’re looking for more in-depth information because she had some gems! I went in and changed my content topics for each day and even kept a couple of her ideas to beta test! Here’s how I sorted my calendar:

  1. Pull up a calendar of your choice 
    1. I used my iCalendar, but you can use a huge desk calendar, download a calendar app, or whatever else works for you
  2. Use a calendar template like Ivory Mix and plugin each days topic 
  3. Review each topic and associate it with your niche; food, natural hair, nails, makeup, skincare, fashion, work, things to do, travel
  4. Repeat some topics; food is a big one for my followers, so I have several days out of the month for food posts.
  5. It’s okay to plug and play! Test out a day, review the post metrics and either continue with what’s working or switch it up until you find the right content
  6. BOOM! Review your new content calendar and make sure it makes sense for your brand and get to posting.

You can check out my calendar below:

Need help curating your content calendar? Reach out and I’d be happy to help 🙂 And don’t forget to subscribe by signing up with your email. I’m going to start sending out monthly newsletters and you don’t want to miss out!

Until next time y’all,


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